Peugeot 3008 2018 - 1.2 petrol - Engine Fault repair needed

Faults and Technical chat for the Peugeot 3008
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Hi there,

I was going on the highway and I had to slow down, turn off the cruise control and then when all road works ended, I turn on again the cruise control for the speed I was (120 km/h). It was going up a hill a bit and once it try to get power it just bumped (like a hickup) and lost power. I turn to the curb and did a full stop. Noticed the engine light coming up and message "engine fault - repair needed". I've turned off and on the engine and light was still on, but car was able to start. Continued my trip but noticed that car was shaking a bit and when I went above 2k rpms, it looked it was losing power. The car was running fine, never had a problem. The only thing I did during the last days was putting petrol is a "supermarket" petrol station. Sometimes I do this and never had problems. I've managed to drive 50km and stop at home. Went two hours on some chores and came back to see if the problem was still on, it was. Any idea what it can be? I will take it to the Peugeot service this week, anyway, just want to know if it happens oftern.

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This happens to me as well , exactly the same. It was the spark plug that has melted and destroy the cylinder. Now they want to change the engine,. This happened in July,,-20 and I am still waiting for who is going to pay the bill.
Have they changed your engine? Who paid for it? Peugeot or insurance company?
Thanks, ulf
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Hi can anyone help me so this is the exact same thing with me it’s come from nowhere but the fault doesn’t stay on it goes but my car is drivi by very different now it keeps jerking. Is this Peugeot’s doing as my car is only 3 years old brand new no other drivers when I purchased. My warranty has passed in august? Did anyone get this looked at and did you have to pay? Thanks
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