Hello everyone here at the forum, can you help me out?

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Hello everyone here at the forum, can you help me out?

Post by brightscene » Fri Mar 19, 2021 9:19 pm

Looking to purchase a 3008, but unsure which engine to get. Thinking of getting a 2018 or 2019 GT Line model with a budget around £15k.

Mainly do short journeys round town, but don't want the engine to feel underpowered or have loads of flat spots on acceleration (like the Nissan Juke) and a bit worried about turbocharged small engines as nearly bought a Ford Focus ecoboost 1.0 that apparently had a load of engine issues due to it being underpowered and engines wear out after 30k (there are many reports in Facebook groups and forums of this)

Also noticed that the Renault Captur has a lot of issues with their 1.2 engine too- can someone confirm it's not the same engine shared here in the Peugeot.

1.2 petrol engine is likely enough for me as long as it's a reliable engine in the 2018/2019 models, but if it's problematic I could choose the 1.6 petrol or even a diesel option engine if they are more reliable. Plan to keep the car for 3 years doing 10k/year mileage and will likely sign up for the Peugeot servicing plan at I think £14 / month here in the UK.

Due to COVID can't sadly test drive one at any dealers so thanks for any help or advice people can give.



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Re: Hello everyone here at the forum, can you help me out?

Post by deccadick » Sat Mar 20, 2021 10:36 am

I've owned a 66 plate 2008, 1.2 EAT6 and have now got a 18 plate 3008, 1.2 EAT6 I have on order a new 3008, 1.2 EAT8. The 1.2 engine is superb both around town and long journeys. In 2019 we did a 1500 mile trip from UK to northern Denmark, only 2 up but a bootful of sfuff at least equal to another person. Not much in rhe way of hills but it behaved well even cruising at 80mph. As the new one will be my 3rd 1.2 auto what else can I say? Read the review on Honest John.

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