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Post by MonkeyPuppet » Mon Oct 18, 2021 11:58 am

Hello everyone, just looking for some advice. We've a 62-plate diesel, which has been running perfectly for the last couple of years. It's recently developed a intermittent, but really irritating squeak from somewhere behind the dashboard on the driver's side. It sounds like a bird chirping or two pieces of really cheap (no pun intended) pieces of plastic rubbing together. It's now getting unbearable. Can any of you help or offer advice on where to start looking? I've had the side panel off near the door and can't see anything loose, nor is there much play in the instrument cluster. I did suspect it may be the air vent to the the right of the steering wheel, however I can't fathom out how to remove that and don't want to be ham-fisted and break it.

Your thoughts and assistance would be be very much appreciated. Cheers!

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