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Post by pasmith44 » Mon May 02, 2022 3:02 pm

Hi, my mobile did its thing a couple of days back and updated to the latest version of Android, version 12. Within Android 12, Android Auto is not supported. It's now google maps driving mode or similar. Android Auto was good in that it always worked and you could set mapping destination, answer telephone calls, use Spotify etc. After the update, it took a day to work out why everything except Connected Apps was grayed out - Reboot you phone again if that helps someone else. But now if I have Android Auto installed on my phone and press Android Auto on the Peugeot touchscreen, it says Android Auto is not supported and must use good maps. So how am I meant to use the cars voice control to set a destination? I dont think Mirror Link is the way, but it may be. In which case how to get the correct (preferably ad free) mirror link on my phone? What tool or tools support phone calls, spotify etc. on top of the basic mapping requirements. If I deinstall Android Auto on my phone and then press AA on the cars touch screen, then there's no connectivity. As a sidenote I've been in the Peugeot app and there's no console update outstanding

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