Intermittent “juddering” on 3008

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Re: Intermittent “juddering” on 3008

Post by LenAlcourt » Sat Oct 26, 2019 9:03 am

NOYER - I know exactly how you feel. I too cannot be bothered to pursue this any longer. As much as I like the car I am prohibited using it on any substantial journeys including motorways, just in case. Thanks for getting back though, its appreciated.

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Re: Intermittent “juddering” on 3008

Post by LenAlcourt » Mon Oct 28, 2019 4:21 pm

Thanks Noyer.

I am selling the car because, like yourself, I cannot be bothered with all the grief.

Thanks again for getting back.

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Re: Intermittent “juddering” on 3008 and 308

Post by suds3k » Wed Oct 30, 2019 4:08 pm

Hi Everyone, just to give you an update.

Finally got my car back the other week after it going into Robins and Day in Coventry for a warranty repair, the first time they had it for a day and updated the ECU software, took it for a test drive and said there was no fault showing.

I literally drove out of the dealership accelerating up the hill and the car was shaking/vibrating violently, no warning lights and no acceleration. I turned around and drove straight back in and they rebooked the car in for the following week and said it was ok to drive till then. found that bit funny

On the Saturday before taking the car back in I was driving on a dual carriageway and it started again, this time the engine light came on showing a fault and also the service light. I took the car in to R&D as it was booked in again and explained it was undriveable (it is a bluehdi 1.6 308 18 months old and 8000 miles) and they had the car for over 3 weeks the second time. Was told it scared the master tech when he took it for a test drive and it started, prior to this they tried telling me it was the cat regeneration.

End result is they had the engine apart and replaced the exhaust valves and so far, touch wood no vibration has come back. Will be trading it in next year before the warranty is up or extending the warranty if I keep it as not willing to take the risk in it going again. Have done about 300 miles since getting it back local roads and motorway, been told a few things to look out for are external temp showing higher than it actually is and touching the wing mirrors after a drive to see if they are over warm. I also had a problem with the tyre sensors keep going off and was told this can be caused by the exhaust valve problem. Wish I knew before I replaced a full set of tyres 8 months after buying the car, they had it back a few times with regards to the tyre sensors from just after I had the car.

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Re: Intermittent “juddering” on 3008

Post by Noyer » Thu Oct 31, 2019 12:57 pm

You were very patient letting them keep it for three weeks! I'm really glad it's resolved. It's the sort of thing I wish would just 'break' or become significantly less intermittent a lot quicker so that it would perform in front of an audience. Or that Peugeot could identify and fix without keeping it in for so long..!

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Re: Intermittent “juddering” on 3008

Post by Leanne123 » Fri Nov 22, 2019 1:27 pm

Hi all

I first commented here in April 2019 as I had been experiencing intermittent juddering with my 3008 GT Line from before Christmas 2018. Just before the summer they replaced the clutch as they thought it was to do with the pressure plate (or something along them lines). Everything with the car was going fine until Monday and out of the blue the car started "juddering" again. This time I was able to get a good video of it while my husband was driving. The car was in the garage for four days and because they can't recreate / or I can't demonstrate it as its so intermittent they can't diagnose with issue. Has anyone who has their exhaust valves replaced experienced anymore "juddering"?

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Re: Intermittent “juddering” on 3008

Post by superloopy » Mon Nov 25, 2019 9:41 pm

Hi all, i'm not a 3008 owner but DO own a 2008 GT-Line which is dispalying EXACTLY the same symptoms as those being discussed here so i'll keep an eye open for further updates. Mine has been in for service today and speaking with the techy he 'seemed' to know all about the problem but was reluctant to confirm any problem other than to say that the next time this happens to zero the trip and then keep doing this to establish a mileage record of times when it happens. Apparently they can map any recorded mileages to events within the cars history and he seemed to be saying that this would, in his opinion, map to attempted regens of fap so moreorless confirming that this was the area that is at fault. They would need this info to raise a ticket with Peugeot before pulling the engine apart. My car has only 3 months of warranty left so i'll be extending and logging ALL juddering as he suggested. The car is fine otherwise and like others on here i was/am considering moving it on. Maybe i'll wait a while. extra warranty is only a couple of hundred pounds so may be money well spent all round, especially if i go for the assistance package as well.

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