1.2 Petrol or 1.5 diesel?

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I currently have a 2008 (2016 model) with a 1.5 diesel engine. I am looking to get a 3008 (2020 model) and I had planned to go ahead with the 1.5 diesel engine again, but when talking to someone at the local dealership today they suggested that I go for a 1.2 petrol (I am buying second hand and they said there are more 1.2 petrols available in this area). The reason I didn't want one previously is because I used to have a 1.2 engine in my old Peugeot 106 (many years ago) and it was awful and really struggled with even the slightest hills and I'm just a bit scarred from that. I've seen mixed things since doing my research - some saying that the 1.2 is great and actually better than the 1.5, some saying the 1.2 is unreliable etc and now I am just not sure.

Anyone able to provide any insight/advice?

thank you!

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