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Vehicle Lead Times

Post by Jeva2099 » Sat Jul 06, 2019 10:49 am

Hello to you all.
I have just joined this forum and looking to see if I am part of many people experiencing delivery issues.
I am a company car driver and Lex Auto Lease is the chosen agent by my company.
I can view the lex website for weekly updates to my car order and there has been delay after delay.
At the beginning of March my order was placed for the 3008 GT Line Premium with the 1.5 Diesel engine and EAT 8 gear box in Red. The initial delivery date to Lex was 31st May. As that date passed the web site has stated that the car has been built and there is a delay in shipping to the UK. For the last six weeks this has been given as the reason for the delay and the total order time is now 18 weeks. The expected delivery is now the 17th July after another delay last week so I will wait and see.
When I placed the order the Peugeot web site stated 12 weeks lead time and last time I checked it is stating 10 weeks.
This whole process has been extremely frustrating especially as there has been no communication explaining why there is a delay.
Ok, so that’s me off my soap box. I am very interspersed to know if anybody else is experiencing issues as well.
Thank you

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Re: Vehicle Lead Times

Post by Brickboy » Thu Aug 01, 2019 6:31 pm

Yes, I have a delivery issue too. I ordered a 3008 petrol auto on 17th May 2019 for delivery on or around 7th June but definitely in June.
Long story but had an update from supplier garage to say build was delayed but would keep me informed. There followed many calls from me and to me saying still awaiting confirmation. Then a call saying the car was in the country, I asked how long from that point to delivery and was told a few days . Heard nothing so called again 10 days later, they didn’t know what was the hold up but would find out. Got a call saying there was an issue with the emissions testing holding things up, no ETA. Called and spoke to the sales manager and said if you don’t know - call Peugeot and find out! Got sick of trying every step of the way to find out what was happening and of waiting, the garage just kept telling me there was a hold up, what the holdup was but not what was being done about it, what the process was to fix it and how long it would take. Sales manager and salesman said Peugeot didn’t have answers. I went into the showroom on 30th July and confronted the salesman who said the emissions test was a new EU regulation and it hadn’t been carried out in the factory as it should have been, when questioned he didn’t know whether the test machine was coming over from France or the car going back to France for testing (they have 6 cars in the sample situation) I told him I was sick of this, he had until close of business next day to get me a firm date that would be adhered to or else I would cancel, he called the next day to say ‘no news or information available’ - unbelievable!!!
Today I called Peugeot UK HQ customer services, explained the above and asked what was going on, unsurprisingly they knew nothing. The CS Manager will investigate and call me within 2 days, I have told them 2 things, If I don’t get a satisfactory response within two days 1. I will cancel the order & 2. I will contact the media to see if they can get answers I have been unable to as I believe something more suspicious is happening here; is this an emissions issue being disguised (as per VW), is it an exchange rate issue (holding cars for import to the UK until the £ vs € rate improves or is just a con trick lying about deliver timescales from the very outset with no intention or ability to honour it. I suspect I shall be cancelling on Saturday...........

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Re: Vehicle Lead Times

Post by deccadick » Thu Aug 01, 2019 7:04 pm

I sympathise with you entirely but the original estimate of 3 weeks from order to delivery was pure fantasy and I am surprised you believed it. It can take nearly 3 weeks to get it from the factory to the UK dealership, mine actually took 15 days last July. Total lead time from order to collection was 2 months (June 7th to August 8th) which surprised me as a 2008 I bought in 2016 took exactly 18 weeks. Mine had to be in my hands by August 31st as the emission standards were changing on Sept 1st 2018 from the NEDC tests to the WLTP (World harmonised Light vehicle Testing Protocol) in an attempt to make emissions tests more reflective of real world driving. The dealer would NOT have been able to sell the car to me after August 31st.
Maybe Peugeot are running in to problems with these new tests but almost a year has passed since the new legislation. I know that Mercedes had a particular problem in that they have so many models that it just wasn't possible to test every single model in short time. I hope this has been helpful but I can guarantee you won't be disappointed by the product once it arrives.

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Re: Vehicle Lead Times

Post by Brickboy » Fri Aug 02, 2019 8:28 am

I agree 3 weeks was fantasy but a promise of June delivery was realistic and acceptable. I fail to see why, when given the lead time for revised testing and the slump in European car sales, manufacturers cannot provide a quicker delivery time and better (& more honest) service. Thanks for your comments and the information.

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Re: Vehicle Lead Times

Post by Geoffh » Sat Aug 10, 2019 4:16 pm

My 1.6 3008 GTLine EAT8 with options took exactly 12 weeks from date of order to delivery.
Funnily enough my wife’s 2008 1.2 Allure EAT6 with about every option available also took 12 weeks.
Current vehicles: Peugeot 3008 1.6 GTL Auto (2019) & Peugeot 2008 1.2 Allure Auto (2018)

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Re: Vehicle Lead Times

Post by arkassociates » Wed Aug 28, 2019 2:45 pm

this is an interesting read

I have just ordered a 3008 GT Line Premium 180 Petrol EAT8 in Nimbus Grey with Focal

Order going in tomorrow and have been told 1st week of Dec or maybe a week or so earlier for delivery, I'm in the lucky position that i'm in no rush if it's later as have a current PCH L200 and decided to cut the lease short to get a more MPG friendly family car but with a bit of fun to boot, Currently L200 auto does 24 mpg as opposed to above doing nearly 39 MPG. Have 6/7 months left of the L200 but worth changing now for mid to long term gain.

Incidently got an excellent PCH deal from local dealer, better than online brokers

£1000 down and 35 payments at £329.66 12k p.a. Going to add a service plan on collection which works out about no more than £20 a month for the 3 years and compared to the L200 saving over £130.00 a month for a much higher specced car

Being a VAT registered business can claim 10% vat back on the lease and 20% VAT on the service plan

Also get price guarantee lock down before the potential of the 10% car tariff on all car imports after the 31st October - Lease rates will increase as well by more than that as well so I'm being told.....

This suits me as don't want to own a car and can drop myself into a new car every 3 years without the hassle

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