1.6 Pure Tech 180 Eat 8 performance

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1.6 Pure Tech 180 Eat 8 performance

Post by GrantN » Tue Jul 23, 2019 4:29 pm

Hello all

Not a 3008 owner - yet. It is down to this and one other.

I had a 1.2 Pure Tech for a month - enjoyed it, found the i-cook interesting (so weird I'm writing i-cook I even see it here in preview but when I post it on a forum for 3008 it is censored to i-cook !!!). Like everyone think the climate control is a drag...but definitely the sexiest SUV for the price point.

Approx 70% of my annual mileage is on European M-ways. I found the 1.2 ultimately underpowered for here, 130km/h on an incline with luggage and passengers just nothing left, speed fell off.

Been trying to get a test drive in a 1.6 which is proving frustrating.. (London dealers...but perhaps another time for that ! Are they super busy ??). Although even when I hopefully do get a go, replicating such conditions will of course not be possible on the A/M4 - lol !

Anyone out there have any info/experiences might be useful ? All the road tests I can find online seem to be about the old THP, and more often than not that the performance isn't markedly different. Certainly the headline figures are not hugely more. Performance sites such as automobile-catalog again nothing on this (new?) engine. Even Wiki doesn't seem to have it listed only the 3 cyl 1.0 and 1.2 under Puretech (EB).

Anyone using this in Europe ? Is there anything left at 130 ? In Italy particularly useful. Anyone using it anywhere who might have some info to share? Any sites with some in gear performance figures even - now that would be really helpful.

The other possibility is a Tiguan 2.0 Tsi which seems to have just enough with 190ps, this has a quite significantly larger nm tho, but also significantly heavier ...would be so good to have a way of some kind of comparison. Maybe someone even knows a good site for this?

Any thoughts or tips greatly appreciated. I'm minded to go with the Peugeot (GT-Line with Grip control) but don't want to be disapointed when I get it over there - it would be a private cash purchase so not looking to change it ijn a couple of years either in case.

Oh and I live right in the centre of London where another 20% of my miles take place so diesel not an option and not what I'd want anyway...

Thanks in advance

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Re: 1.6 Pure Tech 180 Eat 8 performance

Post by deccadick » Tue Jul 23, 2019 7:01 pm

I live in Bedfordshire but am currently on holiday in the north of Jutland (Denmark) having driven via Harwich/Hoek and then basically A1 and E45. all the way.Only 2 up but with 50Kg in the boot it worked well. I accept that we have seen little or no real inclines. My 1.2 EAT6 did the 600 miles 0n mainland Europe at an average mpg of 42, this being calculated, the onboard system said 44.5 but they are always optimistic. We always abided by the speed limits so speed varied up to 130kph and often somewhat nearer 140kph. You are probably right that under hilly conditions with 4 up it may run out of steam but it does me.

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Re: 1.6 Pure Tech 180 Eat 8 performance

Post by Geoffh » Mon Jul 29, 2019 10:41 am

I have had my 1.6 Pure Tech 180 EAT 8 form a few days and am very pleased indeed with it.
My last car was a Karoq 1.5 DSG petrol and have to say it had the VAG problem on the 1.5 they don’t seem to be able to fix. I had three updates and it still faltered when engine was cold and mine also had intermittent throttle response until temperature reached 70 degrees... unnerving.
Back to the 3008... it’s very smooth... rarely notice gear changes, and is very responsive. Ok it’s still very early days but I spent many years in the motor trade and reckon I can judge a good car when I drive one.
My wife is on her second 2008 and has the 1.2 auto petrol version and its faultless (it has the EAT 6 box). This is the reason I bought another Peugeot
Current vehicles: Peugeot 3008 1.6 GTL Auto (2019) & Peugeot 2008 1.2 Allure Auto (2018)

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