No Start After Battery Change

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No Start After Battery Change

Post by GF1969 » Sat Apr 18, 2020 2:03 pm

Hi all. I'm new here hoping somebody can help me out. My son thought he was helping me out when he did a battery change on our 3008 2012 diesel with auto gear change (manual box) without following the correct procedure
It wouldn't start, came up with engine fault, handbrake wouldnt go on and it says it's stuck in m-
It took me a while to get some advice. First I thought bsi andcwas all prepared to get it checked. Then I was told no it's not bsi, try reconfiguring the keys. This started off with me sourcing software etc and a new laptop then nearly 3 months had passed! Then I couldn't find the logbook to be able to get a PIN from the dealer so applied for it just as the covid-19 hit. 5 weeks later the logbook isnt here !
In the meantime I was advised to not reconfigure the keys and check everything is showing on the bsi. I can find no faults but there is a communication error to the gearbox, the park brake and power steering (I have photo from diagbox). So then the same person said you need to reconfigure the keys!
I've been sent round in circles! This is new to me. The car has done only 32k miles from new and has now been sitting nearly six months!
Sorry for the long first post but can anyone help me please? I cant afford dealer prices and the local dealer is closed anyway!
Many thanks in advance

Bees fan
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Re: No Start After Battery Change

Post by Bees fan » Sat Apr 25, 2020 7:42 pm

Possibly not earthed properly. Attach a jump lead on the engine somewhere and the negative terminal on the battery and try starting the car.

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