Tyre pressure sensors

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Tyre pressure sensors

Post by buckgw » Sun Jun 14, 2020 5:06 am

I had a 2015 3008 and had the tyre pressure sensors give me a 'low pressure' warning.

I now have a 2019 3008 Gti and had a flat tyre last week with no warning. To be fair, I had run over a screw, left the vehicle overnight and the tyre deflated overnight. On backing out, I noticed and sorted it out.

I asked my Peugeot guy why no warning? He said that the 308 had actual pressure sensors (which were liable to damage when tyres changed by clumsy tyre guys) but that the 3008 detects changes in the tyre over short periods of time, not actual pressure. So since the car had just started it had no base to detect changes???

Not sure of changes in what, if not tyre pressure.

I'm in Australia if that matters - not sure if this applies globally?


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